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Premises Liability

When does a store owner become liable for personal injuries sustained on his property? Is liability absolute, or is there a standard that determines when liability is going to be imposed. Should a store owner be responsible for a clumsy patron? Is it equitable to hold a store owner responsible for the negligent or intentional acts of third parties?  ... (Click to Read More).

Health Reform – Financial Impact

The financial impact of Health Reform on medical professionals across the country is difficult to predict. Physicians derive their income in different ways with many being independent practitioners and others working as employees of large physician groups and hospital systems. ... (Click to Read More).

Airport Scanners: Invasion of Privacy Rights

In the days and weeks following the attempted Christmas day bombing of Northwest Flight 253, there was a rush by public officials to put further security precautions in place at our nation's airports with few policy makers or security experts asking whether these new measures were effective or a gross invasion of the personal privacy of our nation's public. The most grievous affront to personal privacy in these new security policies comes in the form of an invasive new airport scanner that takes advantage of millimeter wave imaging technology to reveal the actual physical contours of a passenger's body. ... (Click to Read More).

Toyota Recall

On November 2, 2009 Toyota issued a voluntary safety recall to address problems with floor mats in certain Toyota and Lexus vehicles. The recall was due to a problem identified by Toyota as entrapped safety mats, which the company said was responsible for the sudden, uncontrollable acceleration of some Toyota and Lexus vehicles. The company stated that the accelerator pedal in some vehicle models were becoming entrapped by the vehicle's floor mats. Because of this Toyota issued a recall for certain year models of vehicles including the Prius, Matrix, Vibe, Camry, Avalon, Highlander, Corolla, Venza and others ... (Click to Read More).


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